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We all want to do good and support good things, but that doesn't mean we should sacrifice taste.

Why SPERO Coffee tastes great

We know about roasting coffee. So many factors can effect the final product so we work hard to make sure every batch consistently results in an excellent of coffee.

Great Coffee

Roasting | The most important factor


Coffee connoisseurs agree

Where the beans are from

Important | But not why you think


A few degrees can be the difference



So many variables go into making the perfect cup. But when creating coffee that is excellent probably the largest impact on whether it is light, bold, or somewhere in between is how it is roasted.


Arabica Beans

The Arabica bean traditionally thrives at cooler & higher elevations most ideally at 1k-2k ft above sea level. It is believed the higher the elevation, the slower the coffee grows, accounting for the remarkable aroma



We work hard to ensure the growers of SPERO Coffee are compensated fairly while maintaining the highest standards of quality. We met our current growers through a friend adopting a special needs child from Peru.



Light Roast | 7 Minutes
Dark Roast | 12-13 Minutes
The longer the roasting time the more “bitter” the results

  • Getting ready to brew over 500 cups of great coffee for a great cause. Join us tomorrow @ the 5k Run For Their Lives Join the event

None of us does life alone.


These are the people we're doing life with. They include suppliers, retailers, ministries and organizations that we help and help us. Contact us today if you want to become a partner.

freedom 424

Freedom 424

Human Trafficking

how to create break fast food delicious

Run For THier Lives

Human Trafficking
how to create break fast food delicious

Lighthouse Cafe

Coffee Shop

Formerly Webster's deli in Farragut, TN. Opening February 2014

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SPERO Coffee is dedicated to growing a green business that is responsible spiritually, socially, and fiscally.